Be Premium
Biagio Premium Line Turbochargers are designed for vehicles that work in extreme demanding conditions that require greater performance without exceeding the limits of the green marking range, with less black smoke emission and more fuel economy. This differentiated performance is guaranteed because, with the reduced temperature inside the combustion chamber there is an increase in torque, which also allows less gear shifts.
The BIAGIO PREMIUM LINE with differentials that, together, far exceed the performance of conventional turbos.

Reduction of up to 12% in fuel consumption

Reduction of up to 50% in the emission of polluting gases

Less gearshift

Longer turbo durability
The BIAGIO PREMIUM LINE provides much more savings for your vehicle.
End of Oil Leakage
The oil leakage through the compressor housing is one of the main occurrences of the turbochargers, Biagio has brought to the market a triple seal system with a labyrinth flange, where if a failure occurs that causes the leakage, the oil must overcome the ring, thus falling in the return channels to the central housing, which exist inside the flange, if even the oil passes through this labyrinth there is another ring that prevents the passage, so it is called a triple seal system.
With the oil leakage the vehicle is subject to several factors that can cause damage to the engine, among them are:

Loss of engine oil
As the turbocharger is lubricated with the same engine oil, if there is a leak, the entire internal engine system is compromised;

Soaking of the intercooler and the entire intake system
If the oil passes into the intake system, the intercooler may become clogged and the vehicle may start to release smoke in electronic motors, and contamination of the sensors may occur deregulating the engine.

Power loss
Poorly tightened or out of position bracket, holed or clogged intercooler, or punctured hoses are causes of air leakage, which consequently allow the oil to leak and the engine to lose power;
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