Quality Turbos
Through high technology and industrial processes, Biagio Turbos offers products and services of superior quality, meeting the requirements of the market, always seeking the best results for its customers and employees. The satisfaction of its clients and the processes of continuous improvement are the bases of its activities.

Our technical team counts on equipped laboratories to analyze everything from the raw material to the final product.

Spectrometer, durometer, three-dimensional CNC, rugosimeter, penetrating liquid inspection, ultrasound, high rotation balancer, etc., are some of the equipment used to ensure the quality of turbos and their components.

Every turbo produced is electronically analyzed on high-speed computerized balancers, which ensures maximum performance and durability. In addition to process control, such as double checking and traceability.
How does it work?
The principle of the turbocharger is to harness the energy of the exhaust gases, using it to compress the air that will be admitted by the engine. This allows that energy that would be wasted to be transformed into higher flow and lower air pressure allowed by the engine providing better fuel burning.
Benefits obtained

Increase in Power
It can achieve a growth of 30% to 200% (depending on the pressure used) in relation to an aspirated engine of the same cubic capacity;

Torque boost
It allows the engine more power in acceleration and less gear shift

Increased Efficiency
It provides greater engine efficiency resulting in reduced fuel consumption and polluting gases;
Types of Turbos

Conventional Turbo
It is the turbo that replaces the original in its application, but with solutions developed by Biagio Turbos.

Valved Turbo
It is the turbo with a valve that replaces the original in its application, but with solutions developed by Biagio Turbos.

Premium Turbo
It is made for vehicles that work in extreme demand conditions and need greater performance without exceeding the limits of the green marking range with less emission of black smoke and more fuel economy.

Upgrade Turbo
They replace the factory originals and were designed to increase the power of the vehicle without changing any physical characteristics of the engine.

Improves air intake at the intake of the turbo.

Mono Flow
It is the most common turbine exhaust system on the market.

Improves turbine efficiency especially at low engine speeds.

The turbo prevents overheating and assists in uniform cooling of the central assembly, increasing the life of the internal components.
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