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Biagio Turbos Privacy Policy

Biagio Turbos, through Federal Law No. 13.709.2018, which deals with data protection, called LGPD (General Data Protection Law) informs that we will be the controller of your information and also responsible for defining what happens with this data.

When browsing this tool you provide us with personal data (listed below) and navigation data.

Biagio Turbos is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of this information.

What Data do we collect?

  • IP adress
  • Information about the device used for navigation
  • Research, results and actions carried out in the tool
  • Geo-location

How do we use your personal data?

Your personal data may be used to:

  • Telephone contacts to clarify doubts.
  • Send push notifications, emails, SMS, WhatsApp about registration information, orders, new products and services, with the possibility of canceling these messages.
  • For statistical purposes.
  • We do not share your personal data with third parties. Despite this, it is possible that we do so to comply with some legal or regulatory determination, or even to comply with an order issued by a public authority.

Storage and Security of Personal Data

Biagio Turbos stores and manages your data in a restricted and secure location.

We adopt the best techniques to protect personal data collected from unauthorized access, however, no platform is completely secure. If you have any concerns or suspect that your data is at risk, please contact us through our support channels: leonardo.

Your rights as a holder of personal data

In addition to the information provided in this Privacy Policy, you can also exercise the rights provided for in the General Data Protection Law, including:

  • Confirmation of the existence of personal data processing.< /li>
  • Access to personal data.
  • Revocation of consent.
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data.
  • Deletion of personal data processed with consent or unnecessary, excessive or when it is understood that some point of the LGPD has not been met.
  • Information about the hypotheses and with which companies, partners and other institutions we may share, or receive personal data relating to you .

All requests will be handled free of charge, and will be subject to a prior assessment of their identity and feasibility of service, in order to comply with any obligations that prevent complete fulfillment of the requests from right holders.

To do this, please contact us through our service channels: leonardo.ferreira@mgfc.ind .br

Changing this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Data Privacy Policy may be changed whenever new legal requirements require additional changes.

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